Updated FEB 2020:

After announcing the decision to discontinue support for Internet Explorer 11, a few users voiced their concerns about the decision. Although GoToMyAccounts can (possibly) make use of code transpiling or "shims" in order to essentially "find a way" to make IE11 work, this is a tremendous amount of work in order to support a browser that has not been updated since 2015. Even Microsoft has urged customers to stop using IE11 as their main browser.

I am unable to really see a scenario where a user can't use both IE11 (for a legacy app) and then use a modern browser for everything else. The Windows operating system fully supports having multiple browsers installed.

Given the number of vendors who have either already abandoned support for IE11 or have set a deadline, I do not see how any business user can continue using IE11 as their one and only exclusive browser. That is simply not going to work anymore.

"But I STILL have users who demand to use IE11!"

Yes, and I understand the frustration of that reality - all too well.

But here is something that will hopefully alleviate that, making it to be ultimately a non-issue. The next release of the customer side of the portal will be fully mobile compatible. That is, the user interface will work perfectly and render just fine on mobile devices. If someone is still required to use IE11 on their desktop, they can simply login to the portal with their mobile device (which pretty much everyone has now) and review invoices, pay bills, etc. It's not as convenient as being able to login from both the desktop AND a mobile device, but that will just have to be the "trade-off" in order to use IE11 as an exclusive browser of choice.

When is the next release?

The portal and staff UI are being updated at the time of this post. The current ETA for the next release is Q2 2020.


GoToMyAccounts will be removing support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE) upon release of our next build. If you desire to use a Microsoft browser with GoToMyAccounts, we are fully supporting the [Microsoft Edge](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/microsoft-edge) browser.

What does this mean?

If you are currently using IE 11, you will see a message indicating that your browser is no longer supported. We will also list several modern browsers you can choose to use with GoToMyAccounts.

Why is GoToMyAccounts removing this?

Microsoft released their new Edge browser in 2015 and is the replacement for IE. Because of this, IE is no longer receiving modern browser updates - specifically those related to support of ES6 (the new version of JavaScript).

Only about 1-2% of traffic on the GoToMyAccounts platform is coming from an IE browser. The ability for GoToMyAccounts to continue to support IE by way of various "shims" and "patches" will drastically affect the performance and stability of the overall application.