A new support chat system is now in place as of May 10, 2020.

You may have noticed GoToMyAccounts has switched support chat systems a few times now in the last year.  The reason for this is I have just not found an app that I really feel meets all the needs for a comprehensive support implementation.

Here are the goals and requirements that I have set forth for the application support for GoToMyAccounts. I believe the latest system I just implemented will meet these requirements.

  • In-app chat with contextual topic help
  • Prepopulate relevant user data for quick and efficient assistance
  • Ability to lookup and suggest help articles from within the chat widget
  • Ability to implement various bots that can offer quick answers to common questions
  • Ability to send user a chat transcript
  • Ability to create a support ticket from a chat conversation
  • Ability to create bug and feature request issues from support tickets and link to same record.